Lunch break views


One of the benefits of travelling each day is the abundance of lunch break views. Last week I spotted a newly arrived flock of Canada geese on a lake in Co.Fermanagh. I’ll lunch here then  say’s I.

They have arrived early this year which makes me think that somewhere else got pretty cold earlier too. Maybe a cold winter lies ahead?

I spotted them from the road high above the lake with a couple of fields to protect them from unwanted guests.


At first I only seen the one bird swimming out from behind the large Ash tree. As I clambered down through the fields and out to the water’s edge, a honk from the lead bird announced the presence of his flock to me.

They drifted further away from me with each step I attempted. I took the hint and just sat down to a calm tranquil Autumn lunch break view.


I wonder where next weeks views will be.