Ireland 2015…according my lens

In a few words or a few photographs I can deliver either a social or a visual view of Ireland in 2015. Which do you prefer?

In WORDS: Ireland this year was dominated by: (no particular order)

  1. The weather (how poor it was)
  2. Gay marriage rights (how momentous that was)
  3. Irish sport (how successful we were or weren’t)
  4. Refugees (how emotional we are)
  5. World Terrorism (how in fear we are)

In PHOTOGRAPHS I can offer these:(click for full enjoyment)

Decisions decisions.
January 2015 – ‘Decisions decisions’ Lough Neagh, Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland


Ruin in winter- Co.Laois
February – ‘Ruin in winter’- Co.Laois, Ireland


No line on the horizon.
March – ‘No line on the horizon’. Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland


April – ‘Just dandy’ in Co.Fermanagh, Northern Ireland


May – ‘Kissing swallows’ Co.Galway, Ireland


Mountain Lake in Leitrim
June – Mountain Lake in Co.Leitrim, Ireland


July – Unknown forest in Co.Longford, Ireland


August – ‘Trust me’  My back garden, Northern Ireland


September – ‘Refugees welcome’ Co.Down, Northern Ireland


October – Alone by choice?  Co.Athlone, Ireland


Eyes are drawn towards the mountains in the distance.
November – ‘Still Autumn’?  Co.Mayo, Ireland


December – ‘Sky/Land/Sea’, Co.Down, Northern Ireland