Every breaking wave…


Breaking waves over Salthill diving pier.
Breaking waves over Salthill diving pier.


…tells the next one there’ll be one more.

Well news of my demise has been greatly exaggerated! Not that the blogging world has actually noticed but I’m announcing my return anyway.

It’s as if Ireland has been lifted and tossed into an Atlantic washing machine lately. Wave after wave of depression (low pressure) seems destined for this already sodden island.

Floods and gales are the order of the day it seems.

Ah well, not to worry. If we look hard enough we can always find a chink of light to remind us that the good thing about bad things is that they always come to an end!

Photo: steVe

Location: Galway, Ireland

Words in headline: U2



6 thoughts on “Every breaking wave…

  1. Sunny days? Mmm there are definitely in short supply as the days get shorter and shorter. Something about the lack of sun, the withdrawing into darkness that appeals to me. It slows us down, we can light the fire and not feel compelled to rush around. A real time of rest in recuperation. christmas is not my favourite time, but I like to honour the return of the sun on the Winter solstice, then I know deep down something is stirring, this fills me with optimism. I love your image, I just love crashing waves, the bracing air and the energy of thise kinds of stormy, windy days…….. thanks for posting, and good to speak with you again. Glad you are back ; )

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