Bandit country

Early Winter park


Let’s get it over with then. So I must leave the Emerald isle to attend the dreaded end of year meetings with my English employers.

It’s off to the area known for harbouring the mythical outlaw ‘Robin Hood’. I pass Sherwood Forest on my way and have often thought about taking a little detour. But I never have the time.

I actually enjoy the English countryside as it’s not unlike our own. But I can leave the cities to be honest. And the traffic would drive me crazy. The fact that more than one city in England has a larger population than all of Ireland is one that just frightens the hell out of me.

Maybe that’s why the people in the cities don’t seem to have time for anyone? Just too many people of so many different backgrounds to allow for courtesy or care.

Nice people I’m sure, but you would never get a chance to find out. That’s where we are different.

So I travel the skyways tomorrow and return in time for the weekend. I can’t wait to get back…and I’m still here!

Photo- Belfast park




4 thoughts on “Bandit country

  1. Go soon and come back soon, steVe. Safe travels. I want to have a picnic on the bench in this photo. The silhouette of the trees is lovely — they are each uniquely shaped. I hope you do visit Sherwood Forest and show us. In Oxford, I stayed at the estate with the lawn that inspired the “Queen’s Croquet Ground” part of Alice in Wonderland. I also visited Cambridge University halls which were used in the filming of Harry Potter movies. Such an amazing experience to walk ground that is immortalized in literature and media.

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