It will be delivered with a slight tinge of sadness this year I fear…this Christmas Eve.

Our day involves visiting Grandparents, going to watch STARWARS and a nice meal afterwards. Back home to get the kids bathed and settled in preparation for what is likely to be the last ‘Santa’ Christmas for our oldest boy at least.

And thus we say goodbye to the true magical side of it…again.

We’ll hang on to it a bit longer possibly with the younger boy but alas I fear Christmas will be lost to commercialism once again.

For this I am truly sad. But to have had the chance to enjoy it again I am grateful.

With this I now say Merry Christmas to all who have been following my little insignificant blog.

I have enjoyed following yours and look forward to a new year of new blogs and posts :)

Keep safe my unknown friends, and I hope to welcome more of you next year.