Take flight and dream


As the jet flew past I imagined the naked woman of the lake morphing into a flock of birds in pursuit.

This bronze statue overlooks Lough Owel in Co.West Meath. It was created by an Irish artist called Linda Brunker. It depicts an image of the Irish legend of “The Children of Lir”. This is a great piece of Irish folklore and is worth checking out as an interesting read, as long as you open up the door to your imagination.


This is a favourite rest-break stop for me. It is half way between Dublin and the middle of nowhere. The water is clear and seriously cold. The car park overlooks the lake and on a clear day offers a view that has to agree with your visual palette.


Well these were from last week. It snowed today and the storms are still rolling in from the Atlantic.

Who knows what next week will bring to Ireland2day!


Photo: Lough Owel, County West Meath.