A blast of the past


Well that was a strange sort of week! One of my sons (AJ 10yrs old ) was sent to jail, and the other one (AT  8yrs old) was evacuated! Ah, but like all words in the press you should always read on for the full story.

You see my oldest fellow just visited Crumlin Road jail museum in Belfast as a treat from the school after the kids received their dreaded ‘Transfer Test’ results at the weekend. This is the end of a year of torment for the kids (and their parents) as they, at the mighty age of ten/eleven, have the unnecessary pressure of doing tests to qualify for the secondary school of preference. Thankfully he did well enough and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

The jail by the way is worth a visit if you are in Belfast. It’s a stark reminder of our troubled past and an insight into the political, sectarian and military struggles that continued from within those bars. It’s amazing how many of our current politicians were residents there at some stage!

The youngest boy on the other hand (main photo above), got to dress up and experience what it was like to be evacuated during WWII to the beautiful Castle Ward Estate in Co.Down. My own grandparents were evacuated during the war from Belfast to the surrounding areas for safety from those NAZI fellows.

WWII experience
WWII experience


This is a big year of historical milestones in Ireland. It is the hundredth year anniversary of the 1916 Easter rising in Dublin. A series of events that spelt the beginning of the end of British rule in the now Republic of Ireland.

I’ll try to throw up a few interesting posts on the subject in the near future.



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