The castle, graffiti, the threats and me (pt 2)


Once might gates stood here.

Part two- Graffiti

As I strode onwards and upwards, the few clouds in the sky and I  seemed to make eye contact. Straight ahead instead of straight above.

Through the once mighty gates under the watchful eyes of the Jackdaws who pulled guard duty, the lower walls had been breached.

The eyes are immediately drawn towards the main structure ruins at the summit. My arrival was duly announced and the welcoming committee took to the skies like a scene from a Hitchcock movie.

What must have been one hundred crows formed wave after wave of close formation flybys in my honour, and as it turned out, my direction.

As I continued onwards the assaults seemed to take on a new direction as I heard a cry below me further down the path. An Eastern European couple and their baby were trying to out-flank us all.

Not having this, the crows dived and swooped accordingly as the child’s cries got more intense. The parents abandoned the ascend and retreated to the safety of lower ground.

Grafitti view

As I reached the top and admired the majestic views through the graffiti adorned window,the crows seemed to disappear below me circling the hill at a lower level for some reason. At this point I heard yet another cry. But this time from above…

Part 3 tomorrow


Photo- Co.Laois 09/02/2016




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