The castle, graffiti, the threats and me (pt 3)


Part 3 – Me

And so a new threat announces itself on the form of a shrill cry. I look to the sky and my first sight is of an airliner cutting through the chilly sky on it’s way to some land to the west of the Atlantic.

My first reaction is to snap it forcing it’s way past the ruins. It’s hard to get the focus right for such a shot. The castle ruins right on top of me and the jet at 30,000 or so feet.

But this was not the reason for the retreat of the crows. At this time of year the larger birds of prey are either guarding their territory, or a group of birds are looking for new ones to claim as their own. And so an aerial battle of different proportions was developing above us. No less than five large Buzzards (Large Hawks) commenced battle with great noise and much posturing.

The resident bird ultimately successful in fending off the bachelors. They were a bit far away for me to get a good shot of them but the victor did do a victorious flypast the crows and myself for good measure.


Well my lunch break was at an end and as the crows regrouped and reoccupied their perches within the ruins I bid farewell to the mighty hill.

I didn’t leave my name on the walls like the mindless ones before me. So I just took a selfie…I should have looked happier really :)


I relinquished the high ground to nature once again and went on my way.

An enjoyable day it was.




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