Light up the dark!


Well after a strange week when the people of Ireland have been left in the dark as to who will next govern the country, I found myself in a very interesting environment indeed.

You see I have had a few thing on my ‘things to do before I get too old to do them’ list.

So I’ve done the parachute jump, flown a plane, learned to play the guitar, had kids before I was thirty, I’m learning a new language and as of last Friday I’ve been involved in a high-profile television/movie production.

But as I’m not allowed to discuss the details until it airs, I will hold off on my little story for a while. However I can offer you this insight into working alongside one of Hollywood’s stars…some of them are really dim when there are no aliens to chase!

(Watch this space folks)

Photo: Boy checking bulb



4 thoughts on “Light up the dark!

  1. You rock Steve. I’m gonna learn guitar. I swear. The guitar is staring at me right here in my room. Did the foreign language thing. Four times, in four different scripts. Time was passing and I didn’t have kids so I started to mentor a 12 year old kid. He’s 20 now and I’m still his go-to person. Best thing I ever did. Good luck with your production.


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