Goodbye Mr.Winter…


As if a whistle only audible to crows blew some time on Sunday, nest-building has begun.

It’s amazing how nature goes on its own its own time clock. The larger birds of Ireland have seen enough signs of spring to commence home improvements.

As I roamed the roads of Ireland on Monday a large twig bounced off my windscreen. I looked up to see a large Herron flying overhead.

The Great 'Grey'
The Great ‘Grey’
Steely-eyed Jackdaw
Steely eyed Jackdaw

The day before was spent watching the crows travelling in pairs to and from their nests high above our back garden.

The mornings are starting to brighten early and the sound of song birds greeting the dawn are also acting as our alarm clock.

The dusk chorus of the Blackbirds have started and the days are stretching.

I can stand mesmerized by it’s beauty… welcome Mr.Spring. You are the only season that can never disappoint.



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