You fall…we fall?


Sinking Ireland
As the UK falls into the unknown, Ireland falls too.

Funny, every time something of significance happens in the world I end up looking to the Rooks in the tall trees that surround our garden. The trees have stood for hundreds of years and the Rook generations have constantly regenerated and been replenished.

I like to think that there has always been one grand old Rook that has remained throughout the years. Watching as the world turns. I often wonder what he thinks when he sits and stares. Does he grasp what is going on? Does he even care?

While down on the ground a man looks up from his favourite thinking spot wondering why the book of democracy fails at times? Sometimes it fails due to the fact that it’s only a democracy on the front cover as the words printed within are often thinly veiled threats from those seeking power. Sometimes it seems that the words and pages and chapters are all muddled up inside and no one can work out what it means?

So I stand here asking ‘What happened this time’?


“The fools the fools, they know not what they have done”…and neither do I.



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