An Irishman in Croatia…the final report!

Although I failed to spot the ‘Mother of Dragon’s’ (for those Game of Thrones fans out there), I think I found what I was looking for during our July break to the Island of Korcula. So for one time only, I shall give you our personal insight into this small corner of the Adriatic sea.

With sunshine,  sea, scenery, fun and wine galore…what’s not to like?

Into the blue...
Into the blue…

The drive from Dubrovnik could have been a bit more, well, non-crazy I guess. 3 hours on a tiny 15- seater bus with no air con and 35 degree heat, two small boys and an eager wife travelling on cliff-top  roads with a nutty driver at the helm, it was less than a relaxing start to the holiday.

A monks retreat on one of the islands...
A monk’s retreat on one of the islands…

But the moment we turned that final corner and witnessed the vineyards leading to the sea that separates  the mainland and the beautiful island that would be called home…it was worth it.

Such a blue sea I have never seen before. There was no way the kids could keep out of that one and within hours the boys were joining the local kids in diving off the various jetties and piers. Our apartment was nestled neatly into the surrounding bay, with calm waters, an abundance of sea-life and magnificent backdrops of mountain and trees.

Our nearest restaurant 'only' had this view to offer!
Our nearest restaurant ‘only’ had this view to offer!

A nice twenty minute stroll around the bay and over the hill, past the quaint little houses with their private jetties, past the seafood restaurants and your into the historic old town of Korcula. A walled town that is dubbed ‘Little Dubrovnik’ for obvious reasons. Many scenes from the wonderful series Game of Thrones were shot here to dramatic effect.

Korcula old town

The local hills are full of the grapes that make up the local vino known as Posip. A white wine of various qualities that do go down very well in the heat of the day. The ‘old town’ is touristy without being overly touristy if you know what I mean. The stone streets are filled with aromas that would make you hungry within minutes and the locals are not at all pushy.

They say that Marco Polo originated from the town and they use that ‘fact’ as the main claim to fame. Let’s not dwell on the ‘actual fact’ that no one knows where he was born…but he did spend time there and it’s a fascinating read.

Local transport..
Local transport..

A brief encounter at one of the local bars led to a conversation with an English lad who was also holidaying there. In fact had has been living in Serbia (a neighbouring country) for about twenty-five years or so. He said it was the love of a woman that brought him there. I didn’t want to question him too much on the merits of his story of ‘finding love’ in a war-zone, but he did tell me a bit of history on the region that you wouldn’t get from the tour-guides! Oh and he also told me how to pronounce the local beer and that the two taxes on the receipts were a government tax and a ‘war tax’.

History and splendour
History and splendour

The Croatian War of Independence was fought from 1991 to 1995 and the walls of Dubrovnik are full of reminders. Again the history of the area is fascinating and frightening in equal measures.

The hot and the 'we are too cool to smile' crew!
The hot and the ‘we are too cool to smile’ crew!

The boy’s loved the tour of the neighbouring islands, eating the fish we caught along the way and of course mum and dad were not complaining too much either. Like I say…

With sunshine,  sea, scenery, fun and wine galore…what’s not to like?

An active holiday not just sitting by the pool for a change...
An active holiday not just sitting by the pool for a change…

:) steVe

Back to Ireland now with a bang as Autumn is on our doorsteps.