An un commercialized gem…Croatia


As two weeks go… that was pretty nice. Yes we packed up more than we should have and headed to the Croatian island of Korcula. Surrounded by the warm, gorgeous, turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea, this island offered a peace and tranquillity rarely found in tourists destinations these days.

Having done the all-inclusive Spanish island resorts before, we chose well when deciding to try different this year. A country fairly fresh from the ravages of a ‘localized’ European war. The history just added to the intrigue.

Two and a half hours north of the city Dubrovnik, the island sits proudly with its vineyards and green mountainous surroundings. The bay in which our one-time military hospital, now refurbished garden apartments were situated, provided us with a local feel to our new, albeit temporary home…

More in my next post.


(Hello again…during my recent absence from blogging I have missed a lot of your blogs as well. I shall endeavour to catch up a few over the next few days. And maybe put one or two out myself to get back in the game once more).



12 thoughts on “An un commercialized gem…Croatia

  1. Welcome back Steve. Missed your regular postings – always a welcome sight.
    Have been off pace myself, visiting family in Massachusetts (mine) and New Hampshire (wife’s). That’s a 3000 mi round trip to drive all by itself but one we try to make every year. Sometimes we fly but enjoy the trip usually and stay a night with my sister in Washington DC. Now we are rethinking the whole deal and after 30 years living in Fl we will likely return to New England and be with our aging families and brave the climate change back to cool weather and 4 season living.
    Hope you and the family are well.
    Looking forward to more great pictures of your vacation as well as your journeys around Ireland.

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    1. Wow, 3000 miles is some trip to make for most people. I guess the draw to be close to your own must get stronger as life goes on. Didn’t I read that you were building on the fabulous land that you have???

      Things have been really busy on this side of the pond with family, work and life in general.

      I think that’s why I need to get back to blogging and finding out about other peoples lives again.

      Good to hear from you again Dick…I watch with interest!

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  2. Great post and overall great series on Croatia. I am planning to go in late October/early November (soonest I can get away) and have been reading as much as I can. Your posts are really helpful. So much to see! We live in Napa Valley so we’ll visit some sister wineries in Croatia but also some beach towns, Plitvice Lakes, and some other spots we’ve read about. Thanks for sharing! Check out our wine country blog at and follow us if you like what you see.

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  3. Hi Steve,
    You drew me in with this one. Started off wondering why on earth you’d go there, to an “of course”. There’s so much to be said for NOT going where the crowds are heading. My friend’s parents visited Dubrovnik before the war and said it was an incredibly beautiful place. They are well traveled so it was quite an endorsement.
    Good to see you’re back to blogging again. I’m trying to get back into my reader and get a bit of a resurgence. I am almost getting to 50,000 views and 1000 followers, which I thought would never happen so I’m really stoked about that. More importantly, though, I hope that my blog is helping and encouraging people.
    Take care!
    xx Rowena


    1. Thanks Rowena!

      I need to get back and try to hit my 100 mark as well, but I reckon you should get there before me as it is far more thought provoking and interesting over at your great blog.

      Croatia is wonderful and we had a great time. I’ll try to stick a few more images up but as most family holiday shots are…they are not that interesting to others I don’t think.

      Thanks for keeping in touch:)


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