Running down a dream…

Run down

Just this morning I heard a whisper in the winds. A blast of Saharan warmth is on it’s way to these fair isles in the coming week ahead. Let’s hope for truth in the wind’s tales because the sun seemed to avoid all contact with our Vitamin D deficient Irish skins for most of the summer months.

The temperatures definitely seemed to be up a few degrees though, which was strange. We do tend to get a week of great sunny weather near the end of Spring and perhaps a week in early September. We are often found dreaming in Spring of the hot months ahead for us but rarely do they materialize.

That disappointment aside, the island looks splendid with all the greenery and floral display to remind us that it really is a beautiful place to live.

Suimmer's end

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4 thoughts on “Running down a dream…

  1. Again thanks, Steve. I’m making notes, you know, on how to make ready for my next visit to Ireland and lots of places I missed the first time. Just in case I get stranded somewhere in the “back of beyond” I’m studying Irish but not optimistic about the outcome. That’s ok though, my English is rather fluent.
    Keep the info coming.

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