Eyeing up change…

So the Swallows have mostly left this Isle. Heading for African warmth. Nature’s subtle warning of Winter’s imminent arrival. The buffer season known as Autumn is ready to play its colourful part. 16 degrees C today and sunny. No wind and it’s feeling nice working in the garden.

I watched the Buzzard hawk eyeing up the squirrels in the trees. Much easier to spot when the leaves are dropping.

As the Roman’s had their gladiators in the coliseum, Ireland’s finest sports stars did battle again today in front of 85 thousand people. The Gaelic footballers of Dublin claiming glory over the Mighty Mayo.

Those famous soccer stars falling over at the slightest touch, earning their millions should watch just five minutes of an All Ireland final. They would hang their heads in shame as these amateurs endure hit after hit, get up, play on and in the end only the winners get a trophy. Not even medal for the runners-up.

I'm about to take a leap of faith...
I’m about to take a leap of faith…

On the personal front, the week ahead may prove to be one of those pivotal moments in one’s professional life. If all goes well I may have to change the name of this blog to ‘The World2Day’, according to my lens!

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading :)




4 thoughts on “Eyeing up change…

  1. Talk about a season of change. Looks like you’re right in the middle of it. Nature does have its routines of change and they get carried off with relative ease. Your leap of faith is a very different thing and full of uncertainty and anxiety I’m sure. Somehow I think it will be a fine change for growth for you and your family, regardless of the outcome. Best if luck to you!

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