Titanic on fire as it set sail…

In the shadow of giants.
In the shadow of giants.

Modern tankers in Belfast Ireland just yards from where the mighty ill-fated Titanic was built. New evidence suggests that apparently there was a fire on board from the day she set sail from Belfast to Southampton and this actually played a major part in her sinking. A smouldering fire in a coal bunker may have been lit for weeks before it was discovered.

New photographic evidence points to a huge cover-up by the owners of the White Star Line who prevented this news from making the headlines… until this week believe it or not. A very interesting documentary last night revealed the truth of the disaster.

The only way to get rid of the smouldering coal was to shovel it into the engines. This meant that they were using up too much coal at top speed and to slow down would result in running out of fuel before the end of their journey.

So the captain was not trying to break a speed record after all.

The bulk heads designed to stop the ship from sinking were damaged by the intense heat and instead of sealing the water flow…sealed their fate!

History has a new account it would seem!