(Modern youth vs religious and historical past)

Todays five minute walk took place in the sunny south-east city of Waterford. I have often struggled to see past the ‘run-down’ Waterford with it’s multicultural and seemingly un-wealthy populated streets, surrounded by closed businesses. But I soon discovered that in order to fully appreciate Ireland’s first city…you must look up!

(Traditional pubs and students bars)

Viking raiders first established a settlement near Waterford in 853. Such a wealth of history is literally all around you in museums and on plaques attached to walls of houses. People of historical note are immortalized around the gable walls of this old city. It would be worth a day walking around the city with a historical expert/guide to fully understand the global importance of some of these people.

(Of great historical importance)

A few things struck me about the city. Firstly, it is apparent that there is a strong youth representation as a result of being a University town.

(Reflecting the present)

Loaded with bars and fast food outlets around the college area, it is obviously a good place for a night out at weekends. Regeneration works are in full swing modernizing the streets and communal areas.

(History all around)

But mostly I felt that the city was in a constant struggle to show itself as a vibrant place to live, as well as monopolizing on the fantastic historical nature of the place.

(Tourism is very important to Waterford)

Well that’s your five min walk around somewhere in Ireland for this week. It was a pleasantly warm 16 degrees with little wind and plenty of nice sunshine.

(Streets with character)

I really enjoyed this five min walk around Waterford.

Until my next one…who knows where in Ireland that might be!


Waterford- a historical town forever connected with the mighty sea.