Like an incoming fighter jet she swooped down from the clouds…

Only five minutes from home and a spectacle appears from nowhere (Click image for full appreciation). Behold a creature long gone from this island but following huge re-introduction efforts…a successful return is looking likely.

The mighty Red Kite is a wonderful sight indeed. Although the sightings are still a rarity, they are becoming less so. It amazes me how the other birds automatically recognize it as a threat even without prior meetings.

In a busy summer that has been spent with my family exploring our native island as well as foreign lands, the blog has been put on rations of late.

I shall endeavour to bring you more frequent five minute walks looking at Ireland2Day. In the meantime you can have a game of ‘Spot the odd one out’ in the photo below…

Photo: Co.Down, Ireland



7 thoughts on “Like an incoming fighter jet she swooped down from the clouds…

  1. Love seeing those big birds, various eagles and hawks, here in Washington State–where not so many years ago the Bald Eagle was endangered… When we moved here from a tropical island, my Siamese cat was 10 years old (he knew no such threat)…he took one step outside, heard an eagle, ran into the house and hasn’t been willingly outside since!

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      1. It’s amazing how quickly a population can be reinvigorated….quickly being like probably 25 years or so…..but, happy to say I see them almost every day….and I live in suburbia!

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