It’s just like a ‘Sitcom’

Watching it from my kitchen I can’t help but think I’m watching an episode of ‘Feathered Friends’. Let me introduce you to the cast…

This is Ross the Robin in the back garden.

A rather confused chap who can’t decide whether he loves Rachel the Robin or hates her. He is always fighting with the Robin from the front garden and also the Robin from the next field. You see ‘Central Perch’ is located in no-birds-land so there are always squabbles over the food on offer.

Ross’s friends include Chandler the Blue Tit…(His apartment is located up to the left of Central Perch in the bird box). He is a little bit self-conscious and is always worried about someone else stealing his apartment.

..and Joey the Bull finch who’s apartment is the old chimney pot to the right of Central Perch. He doesn’t fight too often as he just hangs about eating and loving himself.

Now the girls are always flapping their wings and chirping constantly at each other. So there are two Dunnocks here I’m calling, Phoebe and Monica.

The neighbourhood busybodies the Blackbirds are always calling at the wrong time…

The Coal Tits are hit and run specialists and are just the right size to steal the Blue Tits apartment …

So to get the story straight we have:

The Robins fighting with each other on sight over the female, the Blue Tit defending his nest site from the Coal Tit, the Bull finch not caring as long as he gets the food,  the Dunnocks just being pretty and chirpy, the neighbours the Blackbirds calling in unannounced  and to confuse matters we have a Pheasant appearing from time to time for no apparent reason… I’m going to call him Gunther.

Hope you enjoyed this five-minute episode of Feathered Friends in an Irish garden😊





9 thoughts on “It’s just like a ‘Sitcom’

  1. The birds look so beautiful against the snow. Thanks for sharing! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem features a blackbird in case you have time to look? Have a relaxing weekend, Sam :)

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