A different Ireland…

The Pope was in Ireland over the weekend. The last time a Pope visited they say around 75% of the population went to see him. Not this time…less than half of the expected 500,000 turned up.

I’m not surprised given that Ireland woke up from it’s hypnotic state several years ago and the Catholic Church no longer holds sway over the laws and social acceptances.

The cover-ups of cruelty and degrading dominance over the young, poor, female and those of an alternative sexual preference have taken their toll on a church that is on it’s knees here in Ireland.

Personally I feel sad for those who look to the church when all else seems futile. They require guidance when mankind fails. How alone they must feel.

As I do not appreciate faith being pushed upon me, I won’t try to persuade those with it that they may be being misled…for how do I know for sure?

I only hope that the churches realise that their place is solely to provide hope and comfort to those who need it, without preconditions or threats.

Society still requires a road to moral guidance.

From where does it now come???

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5 thoughts on “A different Ireland…

  1. So many cases of betrayal by those supposed to be leading and guiding the weak and innocent, but instead were committing heinous crimes against them.

    A time for reflection and much needed reconciliation is needed, but I doubt there will ever be forgiveness among those whose lives have been permanently blighted by the horrors they suffered and the hypocrisy of the perpetrators.

    The loss of faith and hope will have left voids that can never be filled and pain that can never be assuaged.

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    1. Believe it or not, I think it’s made us (the Irish) stronger. No longer fearing the church. The social media throws the punches (in every direction) and often before the facts.

      But the over-riding feeling is one of … we deserve and will do better!
      Those previously without now have a voice…

      Fear not…

      It’s better knowing the truth.

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