French connection?

I have mixed feelings regarding my first trip to France. I don’t know if I loved it or hated it to be honest. Actually I’ll be more succinct…I don’t know if I loved or hated Paris! And this shocks me as I presumed that I would love it straight off given my love for design and architecture.

(Above: one of my more ‘Arty’ shots of Paris)

I’ll get back to Paris later because our first experience of France was actually in a campsite near the village of Vic sur Aisne- 60 mins North East of Paris.

I wanted this village to offer so much more than it did, from a visitor’s point of view anyway.

I found it strange that they obviously chose not to capture the financial opportunity that was the thousand or so tourists at the campsite next door! In reality it was a ghost town.

Vic Sur Aisne – a not so ‘Arty’ shot!

And this too conflicts with what I wanted to experience, which was an authentic french village. Maybe I got it?

I certainly didn’t want a tourist driven false perception that changed as soon as the holiday season was over. But an ice cream for the kids and a beer isn’t too much to ask is it?

To be fair…we got a beer.

Now this is not a story of utter disappointment. I found a great many things of interest in this wee town and it’s surrounding hills and fields.

All related to those two world wars of course. Something I have always been intrigued by.

In a later post I’ll tell you about finding the hidden caves of the French resistance and the terrible consequences of when the Nazi’s discovered them.

The two boys posing as if standing guard outside the ‘hidden’ caves. A terrible reminder from history awaits those who enter.


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