I live just outside Belfast in the northern province of a Ulster in Ireland, with my beautiful wife and two  boys. My job takes me back and forth between Ireland and our nearest neighbours in Scotland England, and Wales.

Say cheese ya hound! Say cheese ya hound! (Me with hair)

Since the views from my office windows change by the second, I figure… “I might as well share these sights”.

My ‘Ireland2day’ blog helps me unwind from the challenges in my working life, and helps me appreciate the finer things in life, like family and the world outside my window. I enjoy playing the guitar…even if it offends those who can hear! I enjoy listening to music, observing and respecting nature, science and history.

I enjoy playing and watching football. I enjoy sampling a few pints of beer, or glasses of wine with friends, both old and new. I enjoy things like Game of Thrones on TV.  I’ve also had a few experiences as an extra…you never know where you might see me next!

(me now)

My blog will be based on my travels and what I see and photo. The words you read are what I really feel. It’s not a diary but from time to time you might be subjected to some personal thoughts. Hope that’s ok?

Stephen Flynn1-IMG_2886

49 thoughts on “me2day

    1. Many thanks for the nomination. I’ve also followed your blog for a while now and really enjoy it. You have a much more interesting life to blog about, judging by where you’re from, who you’ve meet and where you live! I’ll do my best to make my answers as interesting as yours.

      Thank you again.


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  1. Thank you for perusing my blog Steve – Ireland is on my bucket list, so your photos make me ‘wish’ for it further. “Apparently” (I really need to confirm though) my last name is Irish? LOL Hope so, because it would explain that bit of ‘Irish gruff’ at times… :)

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    1. Hey Laura, thanks for checking into my blog as well. I checked out your name and it looks like you’re nearly Irish…you’re a Scot!

      It’s a Scottish and Irish surname, the McDaniel name first came from the western coast of Scotland. The main form of the name is Donald. There is also the Irish form of McDonnell which means son of Donal.

      steVe 😀

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      1. Love it, yes I’ve been told that before too. Darn family is confusing, I’m “supposedly” Spanish (moms side), Irish (thus last name, but I think it is more Scottish too) and Native American (luckily cousin confirmed) our grandmother was born on reservation with twin…
        Not that you wanted all those details… ‘Did I share too much?’ Lol. Damn wonder which part that is? Ha ha
        But love your site, follower none-the-less

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  2. Just attended a good forum in southern Oregon on searching for Irish roots by Fintan Mullan and Gillian Hunt from the Ulster Historical Foundation. I am sorely tempted to head for Northern Ireland. My family headed to the US out of Armagh in the 1750s. I look forward to journeying around Northern Ireland with you. –Curt

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  3. It is great to see all the different blogs out here on the web! Thanks for “liking” my post today! I look forward to following your blog and seeing the photos you take! I love pictures!

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  4. Steve, hi and thanks for the like and follow on my blog today. Have always been fascinated with Ireland. Grandfather came over from Cork and maternal grandmother’s family go back to 19th century Belfast area. I need more research. Had a wonderful 2 week stay in 2005 but never made it North. I still want to go back and especially want to see Tara and soak up a whole lot more of that fine Bushmills elixir. Will look forward to more. Love you writing and the photos are superb. rdh.

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  5. Hey there!

    I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the like on my post! You’ve got some REALLY great photos here! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be browsing around. ;D

    Have a great day!

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  6. Hello! Thank you for liking my blog Looking Closer! You are the first visitor to my new blog outside of my friends and I am so touched that you are in Ireland! Ireland is very dear to me…all my ancestors are from Ireland and it’s the only place in the world that I care about traveling to! (we were over there once, 1999).

    Your blog is lovely; I will check in often…

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  7. Thank yo so much for following my Riley School blog; I haven’t been writing on that one as much lately so you might enjoy stopping by my Scottish Heart blog, or Weaving the Magic Thread.
    I agree with you that writing is a wonderful way to unwind from day-to-day life, and look forward ot reading more of what you write.


  8. Kind greetings Stephen. I see you found your way to a word from malachi. Thanks for the like and hope you will find the time to read more of the post. As you stated in your post you enjoy a glass of wine with friends both old and new…. if I were closer to Belfast, I could fit the bill of a new friend. Irish blood courses through my veins so it may be the kindred spirit.

    I shall spend some time reading your post.

    brother malachi

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  9. I think this is one of the nicest blogs I have come across. Just a quick look and I am hooked. Ireland seems like a fantastic destination. I hope to get there one day. Great job.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer


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