I live just outside Belfast in the northern province of a Ulster in Ireland, with my beautiful wife and two  boys. My job takes me all over this island on a daily basis, my office is on four wheels.

Say cheese ya hound!
Say cheese ya hound!

Since the views from my office windows change by the second, I figure… “I might as well share these sights”.

My ‘Ireland2day’ blog helps me unwind from the challenges in my working life, and helps me appreciate the finer things in life, like family and the world outside my window. I enjoy playing the guitar…even if it offends those who can hear! I enjoy listening to music, observing and respecting nature, science and history.

I enjoy playing and watching football. I enjoy sampling a few pints of beer, or glasses of wine with friends, both old and new. I enjoy things like Game of Thrones on TV.  I’ve also just joined up as an extra…you never know where you might see me next!

My blog will be based on my travels and what I see and photo. The words you read are what I really feel. It’s not a diary but from time to time you might be subjected to some personal thoughts. Hope that’s ok?

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