Ok so I’m gonna have a minor rant against the English… and not because they beat us in the rugby and not just for the sake of it (however appealing that may be).

It’s about the appalling level of basic service in bars and restaurants in England. You just wouldn’t get it this bad in Ireland. Not even if we had cones on our heads would we ignore you!

I have been flying back and forth between the two countries weekly for a while now, staying in two, three and even four star hotels.

I have come to the conclusion that people working in the service industry in England hate it!

They don’t want to be nice, don’t know how to be kind and under no circumstance will they go out of their way to be helpful.

E.g A waitress delivered  my food the other day in a hotel in Portsmouth. Placed it down in front of me and then abruptly told me that the cutlery is in a basket on the table 20 feet away…the one she just walked past!07302DB3-AE56-4421-9310-CE6BC27CA25A

Never in Ireland…not in the worst bar/restaurant.

Sorry England…still friends though😉