If only we could see…

One foot in the UK, the other in Ireland…perfectly placed are we not?

Me I’m Irish, my friend beside me he’s British. We live next door to each other in what I know as the North of Ireland. He knows it as Northern Ireland.

Brexit will have an affect on us regardless of our persuasion or preferences.

Ultimately we will be on our own whether in the UK or the EU or some sort of economic purgatory. But we will always be on the island of Ireland.

So my friend and I have decided that the wise thing to do is to forgo the romantic ideals of a united Ireland, and the futile loyalties to a nation that sees us as an embarrassing stain on the British union.

Instead we should use our unique position to reap the benefits of having a foot in all camps in order to prosper in a way that this little region in the North Atlantic has never done before.

Our uniqueness is our advantage!

If only all of us could see this…


(Photo- U2 performing in Belfast recently. I was lucky enough to see them)