On location…inspiration

As an amateur photographer I just keep trying and experimenting with my camera, a CANON EOS 100D. It’s not the most expensive camera, nor is it  the very best, but I like it and it’s good enough to bring me on to the next quality level. I’ll use this page to describe some of my shots and would love any critical views you may offer up.

1. ‘Balancing Apples’.

Taken in a hotel room when the weather was too bad to venture out. I used the props at hand to try to create a unique image. I thought myself smart using the reflection of the green apple, on top of the Apple iPad to create the illusion of the girl’s head going through the tablet. I think it worked?


2. ‘Barbed wire – Frozen lake’

It was the first real freeze this winter and was captured during an early morning stroll. I heard a swan fly overhead as I approached the lake. You can see where he skidded along the ice trying to stop. I don’t do Photoshop or anything like it, so apart from a few colour enhancements, this is the real deal.

I’m not quite sure where I stand on ‘Over-editing’? Does it totally take away from the real shot, or is it for those who just want to make it something more than the real shot, artistically speaking?

Lough Aughrey Co.Down 12/14
Lough Aughrey Co.Down 12/14

3. ‘PoP’

To capture the actual millisecond the bubble burst, I used the sports setting for continuous shots. I also shot in monochrome for effect. The conditions were kind as the air was still and the light was just starting to fade. The sun was setting and it caught the reflection of our house perfectly in each bubble.

Ruminants of the explosion are in perfect focus as the boy looks on in surprise out of focus.



4.’Boat on a post’.

I took this one last summer. I tried to draw the viewer’s attention to one point in the image. The reeds, posts and tyres all played their part.


Pontoonbridge, Co.Mayo
Pontoonbridge, Co.Mayo



12 thoughts on “On location…inspiration

  1. Oh, you sent my heart back several long decades to when my father laughed when I tried to make the rain puddle swoosh up and over me like the surf on the ocean. Mom never did understand how I got so very, very wet. Photography is the best when it triggers memories. Thanks for sharing your son and your vision. And triggering my memory.
    peace and grace and more experiments, doc ellen

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