Behold the gates of the un-dead!


Break the locks of the blackened gates and unleash a story most foul.

The Dublin-born writer Bram Stoker would have found much inspiration had he travelled here. His most famous work ‘Dracula’ was originally called ‘The Un-Dead’. It was only changed at the last-minute.

This old castle ruins in Co.Carlow, has a dark character and really eerie air about it, and seems to stick to your skin when you get close to it. I just couldn’t help thinking that something was peering back at me as I moved in for a look beyond the gate.

The further you look into the photo, the more you think that you shouldn’t have!

I featured it in one of my  previous posts ‘The Dark Knight’.


8 thoughts on “Behold the gates of the un-dead!

  1. I was wondering why it looked so familiar. Curiously spooky indeed. (you must have a wonderful job that takes you to so many interesting places. Thank heaven you have an eye for photography and the heart of a poet.)

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